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Audio/ Video Chat Conferences? Why Didn't I Think of That?

August 20, 2012

On Twitter this week, I watched a great chat with the hashtag #engchat. I'm still learning Twitter, and I can't wait to participate in more discussions in the future. One link that I went off exploring after the conversation was the idea of writing conferences through Podcasts. This is a brief two minute video about one way to try it. There is a link to a document with directions, too. With limited time for conferring, I wonder if this could be a great alternative to spending hours on comments. Perhaps we could set up a section in the class with iPods/iPads for students to listen to feedback? Could we even extend it further to students looking at their own writing on the devices... I'm thinking of Skitch, UPad, or VoiceThread (iPad apps). Kids could upload their writing and we could provide voiceover comments. Hmm, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, this could never replace the teacher/student conference, and this idea also assumes iPad, iTouch and iPod technology. But looking through a half-full glass, I see many different ways that this could alleviate the pressure that teachers feel to see the student work and provide timely, meaningful feedback. If nothing else, this website is full of great teacher-to-teacher created lessons. Check it out by clicking here!

Teachers College Reading and Writing Project 
August 22, 2012

A wealth of knowledge already exists on the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project website.  We don't always have to "reinvent the wheel" from scratch.  Here are some of the links/documents that I have found most helpful on the website:  
This only skims the surface of the amount of information available to you on this site.  Colleagues, If you need help navigating the site, please shoot me an email and I will walk you through it.  It's worth the time!

Avi's Blog 

September 3, 2012

Avi's website is dynamic because it is set up for readers, teachers, and students of all kids.  Twice a week, Avi updates a blog where he talks to teachers and students about writing amongst other great resources.  Who best to learn from than Avi?  Click here to go to Avi's site and click on 'blog'.   Also,  Avi recommended a site called Instant Serials.  Here you can serialize short novels online and schedule times for students to talk about the books.  Teachers can moderate the discussions. We can create a short story community where students can access the story and the conversation with teacher moderation.  Yet another way to bring the reading and writing community to our classrooms.  Love it!


September 4, 2012 

Our world shifts daily, and we need to integrate technology into our instruction to keep students engaged and interested in this 'digital revolution'.  This website includes so many practical, helpful tips to guide students to use the devices in the classroom including:   iPads, iPods, SMARTBoards, laptops, online sites, and apps.  Today's post, "10 Ideas for Creating Literacy Centers" made my mind spin with ideas.  Click here to start exploring and have fun!

New York Times Blog 
September 4, 2012 

I have found some really great resources for instructing within the CCSS and non-fiction literacy at the New York Times blog.  This post, titled "12 Ways to Use the Learning Network Blog This Year" is filled with ideas that could be used for articles of the week, non-fiction read alouds, or mentor texts.  This site is also a great source for informational reading and could be used to help authentic learning in reading and writing workshop alike.

Live Binders 

September 18, 2012

This is exactly how it sounds!  This is an online binder with tabs that are "live" to organize information.  Upload PowerPoint presentations, reading excerpts, website links, curriculum documents and data to share with colleagues. This can be a private or public share.  Additionally, on the website under the "featured" tab are hundreds of resources already uploaded from educators worldwide.  Click here to sign up to create an account and explore...  It's free and the sky's the limit!

From Common Core to Curriculum: 

5 Big Ideas

September 20, 2012

Grant Wiggins and Jay McTigue, gurus of curriculum design, recently published this 12 page article that succintly describes five big shifts while digesting and planning for implementation of the Common Core State Standards.  This article is concise, clear, and informative.  As we begin to design new curriculum, it's a must read.  Click here to read the article.

Common Core Practice Prompts:  New York Times Learning Network 

October 8, 2012

Sarah Gross (The Reading Zone blogger and Twitter extraordinaire @thereadingzone) and Jonathan Olsen participate in The New York Times Learning Zone.  Currently, they are in week three of a new article feed called Common Core Practice Prompts.  These activities and projects help teachers to implement the Common Core State Standards.  Take a look at this project, for example, where students are asked to observe the world around them, identify an "art" around them, and write about it in a descriptive way.  Inspired by a piece of art, students write and share across the day and the curriculum.  Other great ideas live here.  Click here to check it out.

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