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August 20, 2012
Dear Readers, Writers, Educators, Friends,

Today is the day that I begin my blog. Yesterday, I returned home from a refreshing, invigorating, humbling, and exciting week at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Writing Institute. While each session was informative and filled with excellent teaching tips and strategies to try as we embark on the important work of teaching literacy to young minds, I was more struck by the passion. Extraordinary passion. Educators from across the country, across the world, come together to reflect, learn, communicate. It was, it is, truly inspiring.

Look at the little guy in that picture.  He looks just like my two year old, Anna.  Loving words.  Loving books.  Loving learning.  And then they come to us in middle school, and they look, well, less enthused.  I think of Anna, of the little kids about to enter school this fall, and I wonder what middle school will be like for them in six years.   I wonder how we, as educators, will transform our thinking and learning to teach them.

And so I begin a new journey today with a new perspective. One goal of this blog is personal: I want to keep myself energized and refreshed through the obstacles that strive to bring us down as teachers. And the second goal is to share and reflect on the strategies I have learned with the best educators and friends I know. As we are always faced with time challenges and constraints, I hope that this will be an exciting way to stay in touch about the teaching of reading, writing, and ultimately, learning. I hope that our learning will expand into student learning. I hope to create a Personal Learning Network that will inspire new learning.

School starts in one week for teachers. It's a new beginning. Again. This is the first year that I am not having nightmares about showing up late or showing up without shoes (or worse yet, naked!). This year, my dreams are about creating book clubs and blogs, bulletin boards and writer's notebooks. Maybe it's because I've been inspired. I hope you will be, too.

We could all use A Little Bit of Literacy in our lives :)

Happy dreaming!

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  1. I love TCRWP summer institutes, too. Hoping to go to my 3rd this summer. Enjoyed your latest post: Where Have You Been?